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Glamble Gaming Network Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai based start-up immersed into development of social & mobile games begun with the sole aim to 'create entertainment' for our customers. We love coming up with unique ideas and snazzy solutions. We adore the latest cutting edge 'gadgets n toys' a hi tech open work environment & an amazing workforce.

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We are a great team in a stream of web & apps

Chirag Kenia


Chirag is the founder of Glamble and responsible for the overall vision, strategy and execution of Glamble. His view of the opportunity and growth of the social and mobile gaming ecosystem was the core on which Glamble was built. His passion for casual gaming, in-depth understanding of viral marketing and branding expertise have led to many a successful products (and more so crazy unsuccessful experiments!) at Glamble.

Dhaval Kenia


Dhaval is the co-founder of Glamble and responsible for execution of strategy and business development. He is extremely passionate about creating products which look and function in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

His deep understanding of Mobile ecosystem and Cryptocurrencies have led to many a wild experiences at Glamble. He continues to push Glamble beyond it's limits day in and out.

Vikrant Jagtap

Art Director (Gaming)

I'm a Fine arts graduate from Sir J.J.School of Art with 8 years of experience working with 2D & 3D in the Animation & Gaming industry with 3 games to my name & working as a texturing artist for the 3D Animation move "The Girl who cried flowers" I enjoy rummaging through innovative art styles and find Games an amazing platform where I can explore my creativity.

Nicholas Franco

Lead Graphics(UI/ UX) Desginer

I'm the Lead UI/UX Designer @Glamble. I love web & graphic design with a plethora of experience in a broad spectrum of design from Website Design, Mobile Apps, User Interface Design, Graphic Design to Social Media, Animation and Games.

Keval Gogri

Game Designer & Researcher

Keval Gogri a.k.a "Owen" a passionate Game Designer with over 2.6 years of experience and have 5 released games to my name , designs and comes up with the core game play and concept for games. Joined Glamble Gaming Network in mid 2014 ."To Learn - Grow 'n Evolve into a better one".

Siddhesh Bhatkar

Server & System Administrator

I handle complete management & analysis of Glamble's Network, Applications and its Security, hunt for vulnerabilities & solve network issues keeping everything at 100% uptime..all the time

Tapodnya Panchal

Software Developer

<?php echo" I joined Glamble as a PHP Developer a year ago, I specialize in various web technologies like PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Designs & much more. I enjoy travelling, adore reading & love sports!" ?>

Suniksha Shetty

Editor - Quizified India

A Hobby photographer and a music enthusiast. Currently I’m managing one of the popular quiz sites in India QuizifiedIndia. It’s an exciting as well as a challenging role. As a newbie editor, I got to learn various aspects of the company’s environment. The company is great and the staff is really cool. All in all it’s a great place for a person to grow personally and professionally. "My Goal is to create a life that i dont need a vacation from"

Darren Andrade

Marketing Executive

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Kamlesh Solanki

HR – Operations Manager

Always the first one in and the last to leave, I develop, advise on and implement policies relating to the effective use of personnel within Glamble and keeping an interpersonnel dialogue bridge open in the organisation at all times.

Suvarna Sagvekar


Rajesh Borage


Anant Nadkar

Support Staff

Vijay Kalugade

Support Staff

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